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"Don't think I'm helpless just because I'm soft and 
  • Independent Earth!616 comics-based Natasha Romanov/Black Widow RP Account (aka the Gloria Steinem of the jumpsuit set)
  • MCU verses and interactions available/welcome
  • Several years of tumblr RP experience
  • Multifandom and OC friendly
  • Multiverse and multiship (verses page is still a WIP b/c I’m a lazy butt)
  • Open to any form of interaction (though I do love paras)
  • Plotting is my life
  • Skype available for plotting and general babbling
  • Bring on the AUs
  • The REAL Black Widow (I’m looking at you Yelena)
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So, I finally decided to do this. I promised to do one after I reached 2000 followers, but to be perfectly honest, I never thought I would reach this. I’m still in disbelief. I don’t get it guys. I have my own small army. 

These people are a mix of close-friends, people I love roleplaying with, and people I just generally love to see on my dash. I just love all of you okay? And there’s a lot of you. This is to all the people that have made my roleplaying experience here so amazing.

a – f

agentclntbrtn, agentxthirteenx, agxntbxss, agxtcarter, airioch, alex-barton, allofyou-beneath-me, anarchrxst, andlegendsalwaysdiehard, archcrawford, armouredmechanic, asgardianshieldgoddess, asgardianskybird, asgardiaswarrior, ask-the-assistant-darcy, astrojanefoster, astrophysicist-jane-foster, bleedinkalready, blkwdow, bringer-of-ragnarok, bringfreedomback, british-and-snarky, brokenangelxmercy, brooklynrooted, callitcoulson, captain-outoftime, compassionem, conjurerandking, darcywho, darlingmercutia, darlingsigyn, darlingtrickster, dashingandmerry, datseabass, deadly-beauty-natasha, deceitfultrickery, deceiverx, disordinanceandpride, doctorxselvig, dontcallmelegolas, dreamerthedreamlord, dxplicity, eightleggedman, eitrit, enchantingxamora, everfaithfulsigyn, exiledtrickster, extraordinarilyordinarymiri, fallenangelofmischief, fatherofasgard, fearlessxwarrior, feathersofiron, ferreum, ferrodonna, ferrumheros, followingisnotmystyle, foreverfrostandwar, forgedawarrixr, forgottensigyn, freckledloudmouth, friggathequeenofasgard, frostbitten-silence

g – n

gammagreen, give-me-a-scotch, glowingmetalheartglowoffertility, goddess-of-loyalty, godoffrostandfury, greenwithgxmma, gxddessxfearth, heimdallindie, heros-quandary, hexesandheels, hiccupphaddork, icausedwar, illamalum, imageofloki, intxlligent, jamieerhodes, jennathearcher, just-liza, justastarkgenius, khaleesiof-dragons, kingoftheravens, kirkstarfleet-deactivated201408 ( :c ), kneel-to-your—king, ladylxki, ladysifshieldmaiden, laioch-bana-mhorair, lazarusxproject, lefayofavalon, lisamichaels, loki-of—asgard, loreleithevixen, lxptr, magiciswhoiam, malekxth, malevolentmonarch, maledictusvitae, manipulativelittleshit, masteroftheaether, mendxcium, militarytony, mischiefwithabite, missunluckyhero, mother-of-frost-and-thunder, motherofasgard, narcissisticstark, notafossil, notdyingforsixcollegecredits, nothelplesssoftandcuddly, notuptoyou

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of-ipods-and-interns, oncedeadliesmith, oncegoldenking, osaemd-allvaldr, paidtheprice, paranoxa, playingwithflames, please-callmejoe, pretiumlibertas, projectwinter, promisingagent, queenfrigga, quipsandwebpits, redeemed-trickery, regentofasgard, sansa-littledove, sassqueenstark, searchesforhim, searchthestxrs, secretsurvivalist, selfobsessedstark, shallweplayagxme, sheisasgard, shieldbashingsteve, shieldmaidensif, shields-little-swann, shieldsarachnid, shieldtwin1, siffedsifofwar, silencesilver, silvertonguedgod, sinisterjotunprince, spudblood, stupidsexydjinn, svikinnarsvikoglygar, swordmaidensif

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tasedagod, technogodstark, theassimilatingasgardian, theblackfleur, theblondeinthegreencoat, thedivineanarchy, theeverloyal, thefalconsxnest, thefuturistsobright, thekojicharcorner, thelastsunofkrypton, theliarstale, themischiefunderyourbed, themostdashingofasgard, themostdashingwarrior, thepeasantcourtier, thepriceofourfreedom, theprincesshacker, theredheadbehindthelens, thereptilemutant, theroguetrickster, theseeroftruths, theunburntsilverqueen, thewaytoredemption, thewebcrawler, thexrussian, thextraveller, thxironmaiden, tincanicarus, titaniumallxy, totallynotapilot, treeofdeceit, triumphantxtragedy, turianflaps, txssxract, unconstantstars, usedtobeprinceloki, vaettfang, warlikelady, warxmachine68, wasthatnotprocedure, webheadedhero, whyihavetrustissues, wieldedbytheworthy, wingedcap, wintersbrokensoldier, winterxassassin, wiseass-mechanic, wxdow, wyntershadow, xathousandfaces, xusedtoberussianx, youllhavetokillme, youngtarkusofberenike

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[ ok i’m gonna get off the computer before this blog gets overrun with my irritation for gender bias and/or overrun with baby-eating jokes cause i just followed a curtis blog ]



[ babies.

bet you can’t have just one. ]

[yeah b/c one is not filling enough.

and they are just so. damn. addictive!]

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[ ok i’m gonna get off the computer before this blog gets overrun with my irritation for gender bias and/or overrun with baby-eating jokes cause i just followed a curtis blog ]



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Presented before you is a mun who is very sick of Tumblr’s bullshit in a lot of ways. (Hint: It’s me! Me! I’m sick of it! Me!)

I’m only putting this under a read more for the length. I’m not ashamed of the unpopularity of the opinion, and I hope everyone reads it both despite and because of the unpopularity of the opinion. In fact, no matter what your opinion, please read this. There are roughly 876 of you, and I want a good portion of you to read this and/or spread this. Enjoy.

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       "I will not lie," she paused for a moment, shaking her
head slightly, "I do not think I show as much as I feel," her
eyes stayed locked on the warrior before her, "The rage I
feel within me is paired with a grief with will not be
satisfied until I see her blood on my hands,”
jaw clenched
before lifting her chin to Sif, "I wish for her to feel the grief
and pain that I had for thousands of years, I wish for her
to lose everyone she loves, the, and only then, will I give
her the privilege of death; aid me in ruining her life.”

Sif looked at her friend and frowned slightly. She placed a hand on Brunnhilde’s. “I know dear friend, and I wish nothing more than for you to receive vengeance for what she has done to you. For what she has done to both of us.” She looked over at Amora, grimacing as she did. “Though I cannot let you kill everyone she loves, and I know that you will not. My beloved Thor is on that list, and you know I will not let anything happen to him.” She smiled. “As for the rest, well….I think we can take care of them, if they do indeed exist.”

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Kahlan frowned. “I didn’t mean to upset you, I was only stating… nevermind, it isn’t important, Lady Sif. I apologize.” Kahlan was still a bit irritated, but it wasn’t important. 


Sif raised an eyebrow. “It is nothing.”

Sif took a deep breath. There was no need to be rude. Well, there was, but this woman was going out of her way to be kind to her. She pursed her lips slightly. “only a slight misunderstanding, nothing to get worked up about.”

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theseareattackingeyebrows uttered:

[meme] "Thank /God/ we’re hot chicks with superpowers." He was sitting next to her with his arms crossed, shaking his head.


"You do not look like a woman to me."  She turned towards him raising an eyebrow. "And just who the Hel are you anyway?"

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Darcy brushed her hair back and nodded. “Love is.. complicated and… stupid.” she admitted wit ha sigh. “We always fall for the wrong person but in the end… when you find the right one everything makes sense. It all becomes this big journey to get to ‘The One’ and I’m just… ready for mine to end. Thank you very much though, Lady Sif.” she smiled genuinely up at the woman. “I don’t know what Thor’s told you but… if it makes you like me then hey, I’ll take it.” she joked.

Sif gave Darcy a half-smile. “Indeed it is both, but it is worth it to have someone in your life who loves you back.” She sighed slightly. She missed Thor, but he was her oldest friend and it was good to see him so happy, no matter who he was with. She shook her head. “I do not have much experience will ‘falling’ for people, but I am sure that you will find someone who appreciates and loves you for who you are.’ She laughed. “Yes Thor said many good things about you; though he did mention that you shocked him with electricity several times.” She grinned and let out a laugh. “He probably deserved it.”