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[one day i will rp.

when the mun doesn’t feel like shit and bursting into tears b/c life is continually shitting on her. ONE DAY.

But today is not that day. SEND HELP.

Thank you for your patience - I know it has been an aeon and a day. PTSD fucking sucks and the last two weeks have been stress upon stress and if the universe doesn’t stop shitting on my I’m going to fucking explode.]

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Guess what, this is my 5000th post! In addition to that, I’ve almost reached 450 so I figured I’d do something special to celebrate it, so behold, an updated follow forever with a lousy graphic featuring the new URL :)

                   The Queen’s court
Statistics show that knowing these people improves your life by at least 12%. Not only are they the best rp partners one could wish for, I also consider them friends OOC.

climbingthewallslikeivy: Chana is one of the most awesome people known to mankind. A wise seer claims that one day, you will all purchase a best-selling book and her name will be on the cover.

mxhill: Kate for president. I mean for real, I would vote. I think everyone should know a person like Kate. The world would be a better place.

starkred: My personal stalking neighbor. Y’all wish you had a stalking neighbor like Susanne. I’d tell you how to summon her but I’m too selfish to share.

onehalfakindredsoul: Just the fact that Tasha exists already makes me happy. I hope she find 100 dollars on the sidewalk. 

geekyandabeast: I just wish I had a friend in real life like the friend that Lillith is to Loki. And I also wish I would know Lillith’s mun in real life because everything would be brighter.

                    The Nobles
We may not talk much OOC, but you guys are definitely among my favorite rp partners. Loki probably hates every single one of your muses, but I think you’re all amazing. Extra noble nobles are bolded, nobles I don’t actually rp with but only stalk from afar are in italics. In no particular order:

floweringloyalty sciencefaciend gxldtitaniumalloy avenginghex kneel-for-your-queen hopefullynottoofar notjustclever allscarsmend adartifex victorybringer kitpitt agentkota dashingaesir memoryserved widowromanov airioch victorywomansigyn mischiefwithabite selfobsessedplayboy captainfrombrooklyn ibuiltafamilyofiron sapphirescales eydisofasgard discordgoddess goddessofconstancy thereptilemutant asgardianshieldgoddess thetigressofzod the-miss-america

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  • dear-spidey is an Indie 616 Black Cat blog
  • naw i’m just fuckin’ with you this is a Spider-Man blog, mostly 1610 but with influences from the cartoons and movies
  • actual real life nerd so they have Peter Parker DOWN
  • makes me actually like/give a shit about Peter Parker
  • you all know how difficult it is to make me care about whiny teenage white boys that’s amazing come on
  • this promo is specially designed to make you follow them so you should go do that
  • if you’re already following, unfollow and then re-follow them so I can label this a success
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valerieallbright uttered:

Sif and Vex? :)

Oh honey you know me too well.

A promo and a hug for whoever can guess my top 10 favourite characters.

  1. [Marvel] - The Lady Sif valerieallbright
  2. [Lost Girl] - Vex valerieallbright
  3. Buffy
  4. Veronica Mars
  5. Terry Pratchett’s Discworld
  6. Vertigo
  7. Marvel
  8. The West Wing
  9. Black Books
  10. Doctor Who
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OK I’m in

A promo and a hug for whoever can guess my top 10 favourite characters.

  1. Marvel
  2. Lost Girl
  3. Buffy
  4. Veronica Mars
  5. Terry Pratchett’s Discworld
  6. Vertigo
  7. Marvel
  8. The West Wing
  9. Black Books
  10. Doctor Who
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  • Read a roleplayers OOC page if they have one, to see what genres are okay to roleplay with them.
  • Read their headcanons.
  • Read their disclaimers.
  • Read everything important specified on their page before roleplaying with them.
  • It’s common courtesy and hey, not everyone plays their characters the same way as they are portrayed in canon.
  • People spend their time writing these things out so that you understand their character better.
  • And, it is useful to read what it is they don’t want to roleplay and such.


  • Not every roleplayer plays on an immediate prose basis. For example: a simple message of so-and-so has followed you might be just that - a simple message. That does not mean that their character is in the vicinity of yours. If you are unsure, ask.
  • Some roleplayers play using situational context. If you are unsure of the context in which a character in a specific thread is currently playing, ask. For example: if two characters are interacting in a thread, do not automatically assume that your character could see or hear their conversation. To do so would be to god-mod the situation, and not only that, but a situation where your own character was not previously involved, which is considered a big no-no. If you have any doubts, always ask the character(s) involved.
  • Asking questions is never a bad thing.
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You know, for a crazy homeless person, he’s pretty cut.