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"Oh my God it was one time.” she sighed but laughed loudly about it anyways. “He was acting drunk and the dude is like… muscle man. Seriously. Huge. And Jane was tiny. So I reacted.”

Sif laughed. She was sure that Thor was not acting drunk, but she would have no idea how he reacted to being made mortal. “If you say it was once, then I am sure you are correct.” She grinned at Darcy. “Was it also you who hit him with a car repeatedly too I assume?” She nodded her head slightly and chuckled. “I fear that you would might do the same thing to me after I traveled through the bifrost and then was struck down by a vehicle.” She smirked and raised an eyebrow at her.

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"Asgard! Whoa! That’s totally cool! Is it— is it cold there, like, ever? Gosh, I have, like, a bajillion questions."

Sif sighed heavily. “Yes it does get cold there, and I would prefer if you do not barrage me with a million pointless questions, thank you.”

"If you have not noticed we do happen to be in the middle of something at the moment."

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shulkie-walters uttered:

"I’ve got that a theory; that it’s a demon!"



"A demon?"


"Are you feeling alright Jennifer?"

"Or maybe midgets?" Jen smiled hopefully.


Her mouth dropped open in realization and she whirled around to face Sif. “It could be witches? Some evil witches!”

"Weren’t witches persecuted all over your realm for centuries?"

"Besides I thought that currently anyone with those types of abilities worked with SHIELD or some such group." She shook her head. "There are so many I tend to lose track."

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The answer to that was easy. The first time Asgard had managed to drag its fallen princess back home and into a cell, she had been thrown into the dungeons, left to rot for half a year before she managed to escape. When Asgard heard of it, the initial plan was to drag her back home once more, a plan that took almost a year to complete, a year in which Loki was at her best behavior, little as that might mean, for someone like her. Nevertheless, her fool of a brother and former mother thought that a lessened sentence would be reasonable.

And meanwhile, Loki was fairly certain that she preferred the dungeons.

"Sif, darling, please do find confirmation for you theories before you turn them into accusations. Some might think that is even worse than telling lies. I have hatched many a plan that would benefit myself in one way or another. The possible addition of Asgard’s downfall was always a risk I took for granted. Rarely has it been my main purpose." The dwarfs, storming the royal palace and wrecking havoc in the city, just because Loki had provoked them whilst stealing a book. The Jotnar, breaking into the vault and slaying the guards within, just because Loki didn’t think her brother was fit to rule just yet. Somehow Asgard always suffered from her plans in one way or another, but rarely did she plan to do just that.

She ignored the threat, and also ignored the jab regarding her former brother. Loki was neither afraid nor offended, and by not even deeming either comment worthy of a response, she hoped to show that to the other. Yet when the cause that requires her aid is mentioned, she cannot help but laugh like the madwoman that she is.

"My, you are truly brilliant, are you not? The creativity, astonishing! Why it is that you are not known for your intelligence never fails to surprise me." She leaned forward, eyes focused on Sif’s. "What a lovely coincidence would it be, no? The slayer of the gods has returned, but why not let him fulfill a part of his purpose by letting him defeat the one god that all wish to be rid off? Do not, for a second, think that I am too dulled by imprisonment to see your true intentions."

Sif rolled her eyes. If Loki thought for one moment that Sif was going to buy the lies that she was feeding her she was dead wrong. After all they had known each other since childhood. She had a hard time believing that Loki had not wished for Asgard’s downfall when she had witnessed it, and fallen prey to it, time and time again. “I have all the confirmation I need as I have witnessed it with my own two eyes, and I have almost died several times had we not foiled your schemes.” She gave Loki a deadpan look across the table. “So maybe it wasn’t the goal of your most recent schemes, but I have not forgotten the past Loki as much as you would like me to.”

Sif could not stand being in this room. She cursed Thor, cursed Odin, cursed everyone who sent her here, everyone who should be here instead of her. Which would basically be anyone. She had lost count of the number of times she had tried to kill Loki or vice-versa. She shook her head and smirked. “If I wanted to feed you to the God Eater why would I be sitting her asking for your help? I would just throw you at it and it would end there.” She grinned at Loki. The thought was too sweet for her and she wondered why she wasn’t doing exactly that at this moment.

She let out a laugh. “I am sure there are others that would help me in that task.’ She leaned back in her chair. “Instead I’m here to ask you to help us. Not just you alone, but us.” She raised an eyebrow. “But your offer is tempting and I shall take it under advisement should you refuse to help.” She shrugged and tilted her head to the side. “A distraction may be good enough to slow it down for us to be victorious.” She crossed her arms. “So have your thoughts towards the subject changed?”

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AoS Rewatch

6 Days: favorite female + favorite outfits

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Step one: Don’t.

People who are saying they’re going to boycott Agent Carter because of the prevalence of white dudes in casting need to sit down and really think about what the fuck that will accomplish.

Mainly, getting a female-lead show canned.

How about instead of that you get in touch with Marvel through any and all available media outlets and express your interest (politely) in seeing more diversity in the cast?

Or you know, you could boycott any of the half-dozen white-male-lead films coming out and make sure you express that it’s because of the lack of diversity there. 

Being frustrated is fine, understandable, and can be important - so long as that frustration is channeled in a productive way. You can support this show while making your voice and preferences heard. It’s closer to a step in the right direction than Ant-Man or Iron Man 934234 or Captain America: The Ladies Don’t Speak To Each Other (also they’re all white) or Thor: The Female Plot Device.

Be realistic, be active, and be supportive. Show Marvel what you love.

Thor: The Female Plot Device.




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for Asgard

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Jane Foster and Sif bonded over the sexism they’ve experienced though they both excel in their own male-dominated fields, embarrassing stories about Thor and surprisingly similar musical tastes.

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